JBFC exists today, because of the generosity of our faithful donors. 90 percent of our budget comes from individuals and family foundations. You’ve helped us build, grow, and evolve. And thanks to your support we’ve set in motion long-lasting change in East Africa.

We believe in being good stewards of your gifts and believe that transparency is the best policy. Our board of directors oversees the usage of money throughout the organization and the majority of our funds directly support our projects in Tanzania.

This page shows how your donations are spent in Tanzania. But not all of our funds come from donations. By charging a modest tuition and selling crops and livestock at the local market, JBFC'S school and farm help pay for themselves. We believe that in order to make long-lasting change throughout Tanzania and rural East Africa, it is important for part of our operating expenses to come from within country.

This not only allows JBFC to plant roots in our community, but also enables the organization to spend more of our funds on expansion and capital development in the places that need it most.

You can find more detailed financial information to the right in 990 tax forms or you can contact us .

Tanzanian Expenditures