Education & Empowerment

Nearly 1,000 students... and only three teachers.

That’s what you’d see if you walked into the village public only a few years ago. One class might have more than 100 five-year-olds squished shoulder to shoulder in a room with a teacher lecturing at the front. Those are the lucky pupils, because next door, they have desks but no teacher at all. This might explain why Tanzania’s literacy rate is 68 percent and dropping. That’s why JBFC opened the Joseph and Mary Primary School in 2010, followed by a secondary school in 2012.

The Joseph & Mary Schools are English-medium institutions that utilize a variety of teaching styles to encourage student learning and excellence. Today, JBFC can boast that we are providing a top-ranked education for our 350 students. All 4th, 7th and 9thgrade students have a 100% pass rate on national exams and our primary school ranked 18th in the entire nation, out of more 8,200 schools in 2016.

On top of providing excellent classroom instruction, JBFC is also focused on making learning fun and hands on. Students visit the JBFC’s lending library weekly, participate in various clubs and extracurricular activities, test their science knowledge through experiments in our newly renovated science lab, and learn about the endless uses for technology in our Technology and Resource Center. All of these reasons are why the Joseph & Mary Schools continue to flourish in developing the future leaders of Tanzania.


JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School (Capacity):
  • Primary School: 280
  • Secondary School: 120
  • Total Student Population: 400
  • Grade Levels: prek-Form 4 (11)
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 15:1
  • 97% Attendance
  • 100% of Joseph & Mary Students Pass National Exams
2016 Rankings

1st in our county

Extra Curriculars:
  • Soccer/Sports
  • Journalism
  • Permaculture
  • Drama Club
  • Choir
  • Art
  • Debate