It’s the leading killer of Tanzanian children. And it’s preventable and treatable.
The closest clinic to JBFC may have Malaria treatments, but  no testing equipment. It’s a gap that cost lives. And a vacuum JBFC is trying t address with a small community health clinic and dispensary. JBFC Founder Chris Gates believes access to quality healthcare is an important aspect of JBFC’s mission. Sick children don’t learn in school. Unhealthy parents can’t provide for their families. And ailing villagers lead to dying villages.
In 2014, JBFC launched a small scale clinic aimed at providing access to quality healthcare for our immediate community: our residential girls, students, employees and their families. Instituting even a small-scale clinic to JBFC’s community would have a substantial impact on the health of hundreds of children and adults, in an area where access to medicine and treatment is in short supply. JBFC could tackle some of the most frequent health ailments that afflict our student body and faculty, making for a healthier community. JBFC will also leverage its partnerships with Tanzanian hospitals and volunteer doctors and nurses to bring much needed medical expertise to an area where these professionals are sorely lacking.

Services Offered:

  • Testing & Treatment for Malaria, Typhoid, & Other Ailments
  • First Aid
  • Health Education

If you’re interested in volunteering at our new clinic, please check out our Volunteers page.

  • For every 10, 000 Tanzanians, there’s less than one doctor and one dentist. (World Health Organization)
  • For every 1,000 Tanzanian babies born experts estimate 108 will die before their 5th birthday… in rural areas that number climbs to 138.
  • Life expectancy is 53 for Tanzanian women.