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posted 6/20/2016

JBFC’s Girls’ Home Grows Again

JBFC’s Family Grows to 50 girls; Adds 4 girls this year alone. more

posted 6/14/2016

JBFC Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Jewelry

JBFC partners with URU Tanzania to create an exclusive 10th Anniversary Commemorative URU bracelet, benefitting JBFC. more

posted 6/10/2016

JBFC Adds 2 More Girls

JBFC’s Family Grows to 49. more

posted 5/4/2016

JBFC Adds A Girl

JBFC's Family Admits Girl; A Second is Discharged. more

posted 4/11/2016

JBFC Celebrates Tanzanite Nights!

JBFC will host its annual spring fundraiser, Tanzanite Nights on Friday, April 22nd. more

posted 3/7/2016

JBFC Turns 10!

JBFC celebrates its 10th Anniversary this March. more

posted 3/1/2016

93% of JBFC’s 1st Graduating Class Pass National Exam

Preliminary results show 26 JBFC Secondary School Graduates Pass the Form 4 National Exam; Still Await Placements. more

posted 2/22/2016

JBFC Hosts 2nd Permaculture Seminar

JBFC partners with the Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation to transform how rural Tanzanians farm. more

posted 12/7/2015

JBFC Celebrates 1st Class of Secondary Graduates

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School’s first class of secondary students graduated on December 4th. more

posted 11/3/2015

JBFC Seniors Prep for Graduation

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School’s first class of secondary students are taking their national exams in preparation for graduation in December. more

posted 7/30/2015

JBFC Family Grows to 46

JBFC offers safe haven to another Tanzanian girl in need. more

posted 6/8/2015

JBFC Featured in New Book

JBFC's origins and its founder, Chris Gates, are featured in "Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference." more

posted 6/5/2015

JBFC Adds Aquaponics

JBFC adds fish farming to its agriculture program. more

posted 6/5/2015

JBFC Gives Back

JBFC's Form 4 students work with students from Deerfield Academy to give back to a local school in Kitongo. more

posted 3/10/2015

2 JBFC Students to Visit US

Two JBFC students just received visas to spend six weeks touring America. more

posted 1/26/2015

JBFC Seniors Gear Up for Graduation

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School will graduate its first class of secondary students in late 2015. more

posted 1/20/2015

JBFC Kicks Off 5th School Year

JBFC's Joseph & Mary School opened for it's fifth school year this week. More than 300 children began classes on Monday. more

posted 11/5/2014

100% of JBFC’s 7th graders Pass National Exam

JBFC’s 7th grade students pass the Tanzanian National Exam with flying colors, placing Joseph & Mary Schools 8th in our district. more

posted 11/1/2014

JBFC Is Hiring

JBFC wants to fill three positions – two in Tanzania and one at its headquarters in the U.S. more

posted 10/22/2014

New Clinic Screens for Diabetes; Treats Dozens

JBFC’s new healthcare clinic opens and starts treating students and staff members and completes its first screening for diabetes. more

posted 10/21/2014

JBFC Fulfills Healthcare Promise

JBFC welcomes government officials for a ribbon-cutting and dedication of its brand-new clinic that will provide access to healthcare to hundreds. more

posted 10/16/2014

JBFC Hires Nurse & Prepares to Open Clinic

JBFC adds a full-time nurse to the team in advance of opening its new medical clinic on campus. more

posted 10/12/2014

NYU Names JBFC Founder Outstanding Recent Alumni

New York University’s Silver School of Social Work honors JBFC Founder & CEO Chris Gates with an Outstanding Recent Alumni Award. more

posted 9/10/2014

JBFC Family Grows

JBFC offers a safe home to another girl in need, growing our residential program to include 45 girls. more

posted 7/14/2014

JBFC Gets Tech Boost

JBFC’s school gets a high-tech boost thanks to a JBFC Ambassador’s $20,000 project to bring eReaders and tablets to campus. more

posted 7/1/2014

Virtual Conference Benefits US & TZ Teachers

JBFC & Sarah Lawrence College (NY) Hail Its 1st Virtual Teacher Conference A Success. more

posted 6/11/2014

JBFC Hosts Virtual Teacher Conference

JBFC Partners with Sarah Lawrence College to host a Virtual Teacher Conference. more

posted 3/30/2014

JBFC Releases 2014 Wish List

This is JBFC's 2014 Wish List, which includes a series of items that are most needed on campus. more

posted 3/14/2014

2 JBFC Girls to Visit US

Two of JBFC’s residential girls received visas this week to spend six weeks touring America. more

posted 1/27/2014

Summer Volunteer Deadline April 15

Accommodations for Summer 2014 are filling up fast. JBFC announces a deadline to secure placement. more

posted 12/9/2013

JBFC Thanks Board Member for his Service

JBFC Board Member, Paul Goodman, steps down after 7 years of service. more

posted 10/28/2013

JBFC Expands Campus Restaurant

JBFC’s campus restaurant, Papa’s, will soon drive more revenue to sustain the organization thanks to an expansion doubling its capacity. more

posted 9/11/2013

JBFC Hires New Administrative Director

JBFC hires Melinda Wulf, Kansas City, as the next Administrative Director in Tanzania. more

posted 8/20/2013

JBFC Opens New Dining Hall

JBFC opens a new dining hall for Joseph & Mary students thanks to some generous donors. more

posted 7/30/2013

JBFC Awarded an East African Philanthropy Award

JBFC is honored with an award for community philanthropy. more

posted 6/5/2013

JBFC Celebrates Children of Africa Day

Help wish our girls a Happy Birthday! more

posted 6/3/2013

JBFC Pilots eReader Program

A JBFC Ambassador raises money to purchase 50 Kobo eReaders for the JBFC campus to improve literacy. more

posted 5/21/2013

Help Build JBFC's Library

JBFC launches a Book by Book campaign to stock its new library with 10,000 books by the end of 2013. more

posted 5/15/2013

JBFC Adds to the Team

JBFC hires Seth Diemond, Maine native, as its new Campus Director. more

posted 5/3/2013

JBFC Announces New Guest Coordinator

JBFC kicks off guest season 2013 with a new guest coordinator. more

posted 3/14/2013

Now Hiring: JBFC Campus Director

JBFC is adding to the team in Tanzania. We’re looking for a high-energy, proven leader who is passionate about children. more

posted 1/24/2013

JBFC Seeks Summer Intern

JBFC is looking for a summer intern to help coordinate volunteer activities. more

posted 10/18/2012

JBFC Adds 2 New Girls

JBFC's family grows to include two new girls - Gertruda and Shida. more

posted 9/5/2012

JBFC Dedicates Secondary School

JBFC Dedicates its new secondary school with two American students who helped make it all happen. more

posted 8/21/2012

JBFC Teams Up with Right To Play

JBFC launches new partnership with Right to Play to introduce tennis to hundreds of new fans. more

posted 6/14/2012

Update: JBFC's New Training Program

JBFC's new restaurant opens successfully, with students already gaining new skills. more

posted 6/1/2012

NEW: JBFC Serves Up Job Skills

JBFC launches a new job training program designed to prepare girls for jobs in the tourism industry. more

posted 4/8/2012

JBFC Girls Captured In Portrait Series

The Art of Global Friendship exhibit from April 11th through April 25th at Living Arts at 307 E Brady, Tulsa, OK. It features portraits of JBFC 40 residential girls. more

posted 4/6/2012

JBFC Celebrates 5 Years of Changing Lives

JBFC’s 5th Annual Spring Fundraiser is Friday, April 20th at Tulsa Country Club. more