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posted 12/1/2016

JBFC Prepares for 2nd Secondary Graduation

KITONGO, TANZANIA – JBFC prepares for its 2nd secondary graduation. more

posted 9/27/2016

JBFC Celebrates Primary Graduates

JBFC celebrates its 6th class of primary school graduates from Joseph & Mary Schools. more

posted 9/1/2016

JBFC Receives a Segal Family Foundation Grant

The Segal Family Foundation Awards a $30,000 grant to JBFC for 2016-17. more

posted 8/29/2016

JBFC’s Girls’ Home Grows Again

JBFC’s Family Grows to 52 girls; Adds 6 girls this year alone. more

posted 8/17/2016

JBFC Launches Trek Tanzania

JBFC kicks off a virtual climb of Mount Kilimanjaro benefitting JBFC’s health clinic. more

posted 7/21/2016

14 JBFC Graduates Move On to Advanced Secondary

Half of JBFC’s Secondary School Graduates Earn Spots in Advanced Secondary or Form 5, Which Is the 1st Step Toward University. more

posted 7/16/2016

NY Designer Donates Hundreds of Dresses to JBFC

Gretchen Scott Designs sends almost 600 tunics and dresses to JBFC girls and matrons. more

posted 7/13/2016

JBFC’s Girls’ Home Tops 51 Girls

JBFC’s Family Grows to 51 girls; Adds 5 girls this year alone. more

posted 6/20/2016

JBFC’s Girls’ Home Grows Again

JBFC’s Family Grows to 50 girls; Adds 4 girls this year alone. more

posted 6/14/2016

JBFC Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Jewelry

JBFC partners with URU Tanzania to create an exclusive 10th Anniversary Commemorative URU bracelet, benefitting JBFC. more

posted 6/10/2016

JBFC Adds 2 More Girls

JBFC’s Family Grows to 49. more

posted 5/4/2016

JBFC Adds A Girl

JBFC's Family Admits Girl; A Second is Discharged. more

posted 4/11/2016

JBFC Celebrates Tanzanite Nights!

JBFC will host its annual spring fundraiser, Tanzanite Nights on Friday, April 22nd. more

posted 3/7/2016

JBFC Turns 10!

JBFC celebrates its 10th Anniversary this March. more

posted 3/1/2016

93% of JBFC’s 1st Graduating Class Pass National Exam

Preliminary results show 26 JBFC Secondary School Graduates Pass the Form 4 National Exam; Still Await Placements. more

posted 2/22/2016

JBFC Hosts 2nd Permaculture Seminar

JBFC partners with the Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation to transform how rural Tanzanians farm. more

posted 12/7/2015

JBFC Celebrates 1st Class of Secondary Graduates

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School’s first class of secondary students graduated on December 4th. more

posted 11/3/2015

JBFC Seniors Prep for Graduation

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School’s first class of secondary students are taking their national exams in preparation for graduation in December. more

posted 7/30/2015

JBFC Family Grows to 46

JBFC offers safe haven to another Tanzanian girl in need. more

posted 6/8/2015

JBFC Featured in New Book

JBFC's origins and its founder, Chris Gates, are featured in "Compassionate Careers: Making a Living by Making a Difference." more

posted 6/5/2015

JBFC Adds Aquaponics

JBFC adds fish farming to its agriculture program. more

posted 6/5/2015

JBFC Gives Back

JBFC's Form 4 students work with students from Deerfield Academy to give back to a local school in Kitongo. more

posted 3/10/2015

2 JBFC Students to Visit US

Two JBFC students just received visas to spend six weeks touring America. more

posted 1/26/2015

JBFC Seniors Gear Up for Graduation

JBFC’s Joseph & Mary School will graduate its first class of secondary students in late 2015. more

posted 1/20/2015

JBFC Kicks Off 5th School Year

JBFC's Joseph & Mary School opened for it's fifth school year this week. More than 300 children began classes on Monday. more

posted 11/5/2014

100% of JBFC’s 7th graders Pass National Exam

JBFC’s 7th grade students pass the Tanzanian National Exam with flying colors, placing Joseph & Mary Schools 8th in our district. more

posted 11/1/2014

JBFC Is Hiring

JBFC wants to fill three positions – two in Tanzania and one at its headquarters in the U.S. more

posted 10/22/2014

New Clinic Screens for Diabetes; Treats Dozens

JBFC’s new healthcare clinic opens and starts treating students and staff members and completes its first screening for diabetes. more

posted 10/21/2014

JBFC Fulfills Healthcare Promise

JBFC welcomes government officials for a ribbon-cutting and dedication of its brand-new clinic that will provide access to healthcare to hundreds. more

posted 10/16/2014

JBFC Hires Nurse & Prepares to Open Clinic

JBFC adds a full-time nurse to the team in advance of opening its new medical clinic on campus. more

posted 10/12/2014

NYU Names JBFC Founder Outstanding Recent Alumni

New York University’s Silver School of Social Work honors JBFC Founder & CEO Chris Gates with an Outstanding Recent Alumni Award. more

posted 9/10/2014

JBFC Family Grows

JBFC offers a safe home to another girl in need, growing our residential program to include 45 girls. more

posted 7/14/2014

JBFC Gets Tech Boost

JBFC’s school gets a high-tech boost thanks to a JBFC Ambassador’s $20,000 project to bring eReaders and tablets to campus. more

posted 7/1/2014

Virtual Conference Benefits US & TZ Teachers

JBFC & Sarah Lawrence College (NY) Hail Its 1st Virtual Teacher Conference A Success. more

posted 6/11/2014

JBFC Hosts Virtual Teacher Conference

JBFC Partners with Sarah Lawrence College to host a Virtual Teacher Conference. more

posted 3/30/2014

JBFC Releases 2014 Wish List

This is JBFC's 2014 Wish List, which includes a series of items that are most needed on campus. more

posted 3/14/2014

2 JBFC Girls to Visit US

Two of JBFC’s residential girls received visas this week to spend six weeks touring America. more

posted 1/27/2014

Summer Volunteer Deadline April 15

Accommodations for Summer 2014 are filling up fast. JBFC announces a deadline to secure placement. more

posted 12/9/2013

JBFC Thanks Board Member for his Service

JBFC Board Member, Paul Goodman, steps down after 7 years of service. more

posted 10/28/2013

JBFC Expands Campus Restaurant

JBFC’s campus restaurant, Papa’s, will soon drive more revenue to sustain the organization thanks to an expansion doubling its capacity. more

posted 9/11/2013

JBFC Hires New Administrative Director

JBFC hires Melinda Wulf, Kansas City, as the next Administrative Director in Tanzania. more

posted 8/20/2013

JBFC Opens New Dining Hall

JBFC opens a new dining hall for Joseph & Mary students thanks to some generous donors. more

posted 7/30/2013

JBFC Awarded an East African Philanthropy Award

JBFC is honored with an award for community philanthropy. more

posted 6/5/2013

JBFC Celebrates Children of Africa Day

Help wish our girls a Happy Birthday! more

posted 6/3/2013

JBFC Pilots eReader Program

A JBFC Ambassador raises money to purchase 50 Kobo eReaders for the JBFC campus to improve literacy. more

posted 5/21/2013

Help Build JBFC's Library

JBFC launches a Book by Book campaign to stock its new library with 10,000 books by the end of 2013. more

posted 5/15/2013

JBFC Adds to the Team

JBFC hires Seth Diemond, Maine native, as its new Campus Director. more

posted 5/3/2013

JBFC Announces New Guest Coordinator

JBFC kicks off guest season 2013 with a new guest coordinator. more

posted 3/14/2013

Now Hiring: JBFC Campus Director

JBFC is adding to the team in Tanzania. We’re looking for a high-energy, proven leader who is passionate about children. more

posted 1/24/2013

JBFC Seeks Summer Intern

JBFC is looking for a summer intern to help coordinate volunteer activities. more

posted 10/18/2012

JBFC Adds 2 New Girls

JBFC's family grows to include two new girls - Gertruda and Shida. more

posted 9/5/2012

JBFC Dedicates Secondary School

JBFC Dedicates its new secondary school with two American students who helped make it all happen. more

posted 8/21/2012

JBFC Teams Up with Right To Play

JBFC launches new partnership with Right to Play to introduce tennis to hundreds of new fans. more

posted 6/14/2012

Update: JBFC's New Training Program

JBFC's new restaurant opens successfully, with students already gaining new skills. more

posted 6/1/2012

NEW: JBFC Serves Up Job Skills

JBFC launches a new job training program designed to prepare girls for jobs in the tourism industry. more

posted 4/8/2012

JBFC Girls Captured In Portrait Series

The Art of Global Friendship exhibit from April 11th through April 25th at Living Arts at 307 E Brady, Tulsa, OK. It features portraits of JBFC 40 residential girls. more

posted 4/6/2012

JBFC Celebrates 5 Years of Changing Lives

JBFC’s 5th Annual Spring Fundraiser is Friday, April 20th at Tulsa Country Club. more