Our Vision

What started as a mission to rescue abandoned and abused girls has grown into a holistic approach to alleviating extreme rural poverty. JBFC’s four-pronged strategy includes providing a safe home for girls, quality primary, secondary, and vocational education to both boys and girls, access to health care, and rural economic development through the JBFC farm.
Gates started the Joseph & Mary Primary School in 2010. It now enrolls more than 300 primary and secondary students. To make sure empty stomachs don’t distract hungry minds, Joseph & Mary students receive two meals a day, furnished by the JBFC farm. JBFC is using innovative permaculture techniques to boost production on our farm. The organization grows a variety of greens, mangoes, pineapples, papaya, passion fruit, and other produce and raises livestock to not only feed our students, but also act as a source of income for the organization. JBFC started its campus restaurant, Papa's, to not only generate revenue, but provide a training ground for underprivileged youth to learn job skills that would enable them to earn enough money to take care of themselves and their families. JBFC is also working to provide its students and employees with access to quality healthcare.

JBFC promotes sustainable development, which includes training our girls and students to be able to provide for themselves in the future. And that philosophy extends to the JBFC campus itself. Our model is built on self-sustainability with each campus providing a source of income for its own operations, which insures financial independence while maintaining the local community’s investment in the organization. In Kitongo, the JBFC Farm, Papa's, and Joseph & Mary Schools all contribute revenue to help run the organization. And that means your donation dollars go even further and directly impact the lives of children.

We believe this model will nurture, educate, and empower impoverished children, who will grow into future leaders of their society.

JBFC Provides:
  • Immediate relief services for abandoned and abused girls
  • Quality primary, secondary and vocational education for community children
  • Rural access to healthcare
  • Farm and Livestock Education & Commerce
  • Sustainable water and energy solutions
  • Rural Job Creation


JBFC’s flagship campus in Kitongo, Tanzania has become a catalyst for change in the community. Not only do village children have a top-ranked school to attend right there in their own community, but their parents have the opportunity for employment and soon they will have access to healthcare through JBFC's health clinic & dispensary. Before JBFC took root, there was no local market. Now the market is flourishing, selling products from JBFC’s own farm as well as neighboring growers.

JBFC wants to start a similar chain reaction in other rural communities in East Africa. We believe the JBFC model - refuge, education, healthcare, and rural economic development - can work anywhere. JBFC is preparing to launch a second campus in rural Tanzania. Check back soon for more information on how you can help us expand our mission and our impact in East Africa.