Caitlin Armstrong

"My travels expanded my world view, opening my eyes to the struggles in other countries. The girls reminded me that happiness doesn’t come from what we have but who surrounds us. I was also reminded how lucky I am and how much we take things as basic as education for granted.”

Hogan Gardner

"It's life-changing to witness first hand how the opportunity provided at JBFC can turn a child's life around… JBFC has had an immeasurable impact on me; it changed the way I looked at the world.”

Jackie Faselt

"I come from a completely different cultural, geographic, and economic environment then the JBFC girls and students at the school, [but] I was able connect with them and form many friendships. While its easy to put people from other cultures in ‘box’ my trip has taught me that people from different places are all alike in so many ways.”

Jack Deasy

"I believe that most people feel like they can't make that much of a difference in the world. However, I realized from my time at JBFC that anything that you do in order to better the lives of others does really make a difference.”

Lindsey Bach

"My two summers at JBFC impacted my life not only by showing me how people live in other countries, but more importantly by showing me it is possible to be happy without all of the money and stuff I take for granted. "

We Need You

It was volunteerism that originally brought JBFC Founder and Executive Director Chris Gates to Tanzania. And it was his summers working with a boy’s home in Mwanza, Tanzania that inspired him to start JBFC.

That’s why JBFC welcomes volunteers throughout the year to our Kitongo campus. We have high schools across the country that send groups of students every summer, but we also have adults in groups or flying solo that come volunteer. From painting dorms to laying rock foundations and tutoring children in Swahili to helping harvest crops, your experience at JBFC can be tailored to your interests. Please check out our Volunteer Handbook for more details. Volunteers under 18 years old need to be a part of a sponsored group or accompanied by someone who is at least 21 years old. If you have questions or would like to book a trip, please contact us.

If you've visited JBFC's campus in Tanzania and would like to help raise awareness about our organization by becoming a JBFC Ambassador, please click here for an application.

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